Ghost Rider Reunion 2020

Members of our Ghost Rider Brotherhood recognize that we are in financially stressed times and many of you might choose NOT to attend Reunion 2020 because of these reasons.

Reunion 2020 is about sharing our experiences and camaraderie with others who shared such experiences, and that is the primary goal of this reunion.

If your decision NOT to  attend our reunion is based on lack of $ - then we have financial assistance for you. IT is NOT charity, it isn't free, and it comes at a price.

Essentially, the Reunion Committee is willing to exchange your service for your room & other expenses.

Help is needed manning the Hospitality Center, manual labor setting up the banquet on Saturday night, and "gophers" doing the running and emergency tasks. We need escorts and directors, and a variety of other helpers to make this reunion a success.

If you are willing to devote your time and labor, then we can cover your room & some of your other expenses.

All inquiries are kept SECRET. If you wish to apply for assistance in exchange for your labor, then
 CLICK HERE to generate a private e-mail to one of our sponsors.

We all hope to see you there for Reunion 2020 Nashville!

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