"Chunky's" Funeral Attendees in Colorado Springs 1970

To refresh your memory I will provide identification from left to right. The far left is the dashing, handsome, confident, combat aviator Spider Man. But of course, you knew that one. To my immediate left, right in the picture, is your the one and only Stache, Larry Smith. Next to Stache, is Old Sarge/Gramps otherwise known as the oldest warrant officer to graduate from flight school Ted Gish. He's having a tough time health wise. He has lupus and has little muscle control of his entire left side. He's in good spirits and has been involved in a medicine test experiment that has completed and he will be getting the new approved medicine this week. Next to Ted is the California beach bum, otherwise known as Mike, Hack, Mayer, who is living up in Washington. He is balder than Ted Wix, but we can't prove it since Wix won't take off his toupee. Next to Mike is the low life, smirking, not to be trusted, weasel, the one and only Teddy Wix. Now I know it's hard to believe but the dashing, debonnaire, young fellow next to Teddy is Mr. Cool himself THE DUDE. Oh you knew that one. Above your left shoulder is the Hack Meyers partner in crime and now corporate mogul Jim Watson. Next to you and second from the right in the picture is that steely eyed aviator and cajun, the alligator man otherwise known as the Chemist, Bill Parson. Just gaze at his eyes and you know if you're stopped by Bill in Louisiana you are going to get a ticket. I don't know the fellow on the far right.

Now for some comments. Why is it that both Ted Gish, Wix and Jim Watson are standing on a six inch step and they are still shorter than some of us. I'll have to ask the Weasel that next time I show him this picture. You and I haven't changed, but all those other guys have gotten old.
...Spider Man

 The guy at far right is none other than John "Hawk" Hawkins.


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