Business Meeting Topics & Resolutions
  A mini-business meeting was held the last night of the Land Lubbers portion of Reunion 2005 in Miami. No votes were taken, but the issues raised were carried forward for discussion and vote during the formal meeting aboard the cruise ship on Mar 10, 2005. Here are the results.

Topic 1 – Internet Services

  There was a proposal to combine all GR internet contacts into one single site. There was considerable discussion and the values of the existing sites were examined and discussed in detail. In summary:

- The Yahoo Group Bulletin Board, its database, photos, and polling ability is very useful to those who have been granted access to the restricted site. It offers unrestricted access to those who have been granted access.

- By contrast, the GR home page has unrestricted access to anyone wanting to view it, has links to other support sites of interest, and has clickable links to e-mail to those wanting to hook up with fellow GRs by their callsign. A show of hands indicated that most had originally found the GR group through this site.
  However, due to its unrestrictive nature, hackers have recently stripped specific callsigns from the site to generate spam mailings to the site administrator with believable “from” addresses. (441 BOGUS e-mails so far!)
  Although it didn’t appear to be a problem with the individual GRs, it was proposed that the clickable e-mail links be removed to eliminate any potential hacker threat from reaching individual members listed.

  The motion was approved.

  It was also voted on and approved that both web sites services be maintained individually, as each serves a separate distinct function. A link to the Yahoo Group BB will remain in place, and a link to the GR home page should be placed on the BB.

Topic 2 – Formal Organization

  Goober’s proposal was read and discussed at length, including regional boundaries, election of officers, establishing by-laws, dues, and other formalities. It was also noted that regional chapters could more easily dove-tail a GR reunion with 101st, PHPA, AUSA, AAAA, and other national reunions usually held annually.

The proposal to create a formal organization of the Ghost Riders was voted down unanimously.
Topic 3 – Future Ghost Rider Reunions

The frequency of future GR reunions was discussed in detail. All agreed that we are not getting any younger, and that they should occur more frequently. Dove-tailing our reunions with those of national organizations would relieve a great burden from any organization trying to go it alone. However, to do so, membership is required in the national groups, and some – like VHPA – are for pilots and “invited guest”.  This idea was not well received.

Mini-Reunions were endorsed as fill-ins at any interval, and as frequently as anyone wants to organize such events.  Jerry “Casper” Chandler was cited as a most recent example of trying to organize maintenance personnel into a possible reunion soon. Tom “Joisey” Clark volunteered to organize a reunion next year in Atlantic City for the Easterners. Dana “Zero” Luce offered his talents to get something going on the west coast next year.  “Mayberry” has a shindig in Oklahoma coming soon, so there are ample opportunities to get together as frequently as is desired. All agreed that mini-reunions are limited only by those who want to take the initiative to hold them.

However, the overriding concern for the next formal GR reunion was the 40th anniversary of the formation of the unit, which will be celebrated in 2008.  Dave “Penguin” Fitzpatrick volunteered to host the 40th Anniversary Reunion in at Fort Carson, Colorado in the summer of 2008. (Exact dates TBA).
Topic 4 – Locating “Lost” Ghost Riders

All acknowledged “Goober’s” tireless and tenacious efforts in this regard. His new “Lost Rider” page was discussed, as well as a previous proposal to research morning reports in the national archives and his recent request for monetary support to hire a Private Investigator to search by SSANs. Individual testimonies were given about the successes and failures of finding GRs and then having them join in our group. It was acknowledged that there are still some who have put their experiences behind them and do not want to relive them. We all heal in different ways, and these people have found their own solitude through other means. We should all respect that.

The overwhelming comment was the recognition that there are sufficient mechanisms in place to allow past GRs to find us if they want to.


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